Selling a Home?

Selling your home in the San Diego area may seem stressful, but Epic Real Estate and Management Inc. can help you! It’s crucial to take the necessary steps to choose the right real estate agent and make sure you sell in the shortest amount of time as possible - at the highest price. Whether it is your first time selling a home or your 100th, we focus on your home's unique qualities to make the experience as simple as possible.  

How does the home selling process work?

1. Preparing your home.
Knowing what benefits and what hurts your home's value is important to understand.  Epic Real Estate and Management Inc. works with you well before you put your home on the market to determine what it will take to get the best value for your home.   You only have one shot to make a lasting first impression, so we place importance on quality photography and cleaning the home properly.  It is our job to know what trends are current and we can help you focus your home to match those trends. Simple things like new paint or even adding some tasteful plants to your landscaping can make a big difference.

Potential home buyers also like to see spacious homes so that they can envision how they can fill up the space and decorate it as their own, so make sure to organize and declutter all the rooms in your home as much as you can before any potential buyers go on a tour of your home.

2. Staging your home.
Staging your home and utilizing the space strategically will make your home stand out to potential buyers. Putting in some extra attention to detail and showing your willingness to go the extra mile can make all the difference when someone is considering your home for purchase. This is where you can get creative with putting out decorations, playing around with furniture placement, and generally making your home more appealing. Staging your home doesn't necessarily mean adding more furniture. Most of the time eliminating clutter and debris will make your current furnishing stand out in an impact way.
How can Epic Real Estate and Management Inc. help, eliminate the dash between stress and free.

How can Epic Real Estate and Management Inc. help?
We will be with you 100% every step of the home selling process to make sure you feel confident. With our services and experience, selling your home can be a stress-free process. We will help in preparing your property, actively managing your home sale, and executing the deal as quickly as possible. We have the expertise and understanding of today’s market to help you maximize your home’s value and get every penny you deserve.

Let Epic Real Estate and Management Inc. handle your home sale! We’ll start with finding out what is important to you, we will then make sure to prioritize your needs and wants to formulate detailed strategies for selling your home in the shortest time possible at the highest price. Selling your home may seem difficult, but it is possible to get through the process quickly and smoothly. If you have any questions in regards to the home selling process or if you’re thinking about selling your home today, contact us today!


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