property management

Epic Real Estate and Management Inc. has a management team in place that provides state of the art software, local bookkeeping and accounting, business banking with several locations and generous hours to make it easier on our clients and tenants.   We provide protection and ease of access for all your needs to make sure that you are receiving your rents on time and quickly.

Single Family Homes

Our Management team has been working with rental properties for over 10 years.  We focus on making sure the home is evaluated on its current condition, potential condition, and what the best values are for the owner.  We understand that not every home has the same plan so we work with each owner on what their direct needs are and develop a plan for their specifics.   

Multi Family Homes

Our management teams understand the importance on knowing all the details to your multi-unit properties.  Depending on the size will determine if we need to have an onsite manager or not. We can work with any manager or help our owners hire a new manager, coordinate landscaping and maintenance needs easily and efficiently.  


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